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Brew Review: Anderson Valley Imperial IPA

Anderson Valley 20th Anny Imperial IPA; 22 oz @ 8.7%. Also,don't judge the Palm glass: 1) It was free with a pour 2) It's not the worst souvenir one could have from a drunk, bad decision...

Anderson Valley makes some delicious beers; however, I’m not a huge fan of their IPA, so you should know that as you read this post. Of course, you might ask why would I check out their Imperial IPA, but that’s just ridiculous — I love drinking beer and have rarely found a beer that I won’t try at least once.

While Squirrel and I found this big bottle out in California (Cork ‘n Bottle in Fremont has a badass selection that’s better than BevMo AND they’re expanding), I did see it in four pack form yesterday at Whole Foods on P St, so I haven’t broken my promise to focus more on DC beers. Based on the words on the bottle, Anderson Valley first made the Imperial IPA to celebrate their 20th year brewing and warns that they use a lot of malt to balance out the 20 separate additions of hops. For me, this is great news as I find their regular IPA to be too far on the hops side — yea, I like hops, but similar to when I eat spicy food, I don’t want to only taste the spice.

On the Eyes: It pours a nice red/amber color with a white head that thins out but still remains on the outer circle.

On the nose: The smell is pretty faint and comes off sweet.

On the lips: Oh, it tastes soooo good. It’s a well-made, interesting beer. The beer starts off with a good piney hops taste that immediately gives way to some delicious malty sweetness. I love beers that pull off this kind of balance — it’s like getting two beers in one! Even better, when you take a breath, you get the flavors again.

On the tongue? cheek? throat? gut?: It’s pretty middle of the road in terms of body; that said, it does give your throat a good coating — the reason you get the flavors when you breath.

In the end, I recommend splitting a four pack with a buddy or trying to find it in single bottles. DRINK IT and let us know what you think…

— Shintern1909

Roundtable Discussion: Favorite Brewery

There are over 1500 breweries in the United States alone. Some of them people love and others unfortunately not so much. What qualities are needed to make someone pick their favorite with so many options available? Is it purely based on flavors? Is it due to experiences had while enjoying the beer? Is it from knowing and befriending employees of the brewery? Not surprisingly this varies from person to person as we see here at J Street Beer. One choice was absolutely shocking…wait no Shintern did indeed pick Shiner.


Beer Madness! 17 (4)Founders Breakfast Stout v. (13)AVBC Oatmeal Stout

(4) Founders Breakfast Stout
(13) Anderson Valley Oatmeal Stout

Heavyweights will do battle under the boards in this battle of morning beers.  Who’s gonna win?  Well, oatmeal only tastes good if you put raisins in it.  Raisins look like rabbit turds. I have always been terrified that there will be a bowl full or rabbit turds IMMEDIATELY ADJACENT to my bowl of raisins.  That is a recipe disaster.  One mix up, and your breakfast is full of incredibly dense rabbit turds.  WOULD YOU EVEN NOTICE THEM IN YOUR OATMEAL?  Probably not, oatmeal is gross.  Who keeps rabbit turds in a bowl in the kitchen?

Beer Madness! 11 (3)Boont Amber v. (14)Expedition Stout

(3) Anderson Valley Boont Amber
(14) Bell’s Expedition Stout

The Expedition Stout’s size (a full-bodied 10.5%) could cause some problems for the Boont Amber which comes in at a slightly under-sized 5.8%.  However, the Boont Amber’s different players work so well together as a team, they should be tough to beat.  If this matchup gets close I see the west coast crowd pushing for the Californian Boont Amber making this Michigan Stout’s expedition out west all for naught.

Brew Review-Anderson Valley Winter Solstice

Dear Anderson Valley Brewing Company,

I have forever enjoyed your beers.  I can’t come up with a beer of yours that I didn’t like.  Every summer I drink your Summer Solstice whenever I can find it, throughout the year your oatmeal stout can’t be topped, while your Boont Amber puts a hoppy smile on my face.

Each winter, when the Winter Solstice makes its way to my local bar’s shelves, I rejoice.  When I see that first pour, the reddish bronze color with the light creamy head, I’m excited for my first taste.  That mild sweet aroma preps me for the upcoming delicious flavor.  My tongue is overjoyed by the sweet malty flavor with its delicious caramel and mild citrus hops.  The creamy mouthfeel and sweet finish complete this wonderful beer.  This beer is delicious.  Very delicious.

Thank you very much for creating this masterpiece.




Brew Review-Anderson Valley Boont Amber

I love Anderson Valley beers.  Love ’em.  My first was the Summer Solstice and I’ve loved every one since then (especially the Barney Flats).

For our honeymoon, my wife and I traveled out to California.  We’d check out San Francisco, and wander out into wine country (it was harvest season, it would’ve been a shame for us to miss out on all the wine).

Well, wouldn’t you know that Anderson Valley Brewing Company is out in California too.  Did I mention I love Anderson Valley beers?  I love their beers so much that my wife gave in to my incessant nagging and we drove the 2 hours north up to Boonville.

We got a tour of the brewery (shiny copper everywhere, beautiful), played frisbee golf on their grounds (beautiful countryside), I drank a sample of each of their beers (beautiful… the beers, not me), and I got a picture with the Beer (not so beautiful, but we got a bunch of pictures of my wife there too, so that makes up for my lack of beauty).

So, all together, a great trip to Boonville back in October of last year (been married a year!).  And today, I got to review one of their well-known standards.