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Savor Beer Week Event Review: Magic Hat Steal the Pint Night at Atomic

Magic Hat #9
Sometimes a simple promotion is all it takes to sell beer.

Magic Hat does not brew products that cater to the majority of people excited about SAVOR week, but they certainly piqued the interest of many more casual drinkers Wednesday night.

Pint after pint of Magic Hat was poured at Atomic Billiards during their special promotion of being able to “steal” the pint glass after ordering. Two options were available from the Vermont based brewery: The expected #9 apricot beer and Wacko, their summer seasonal.

As happy as I was to see so many people ordering craft beer I’m not sure what to make of this promotion. Having had Wacko for the first time since the morning of my college graduation I was reminded just how tasteless it is. The #9, which I have not had in ages, seemed full of flavor after the listlessness of Wacko.

Atomic was full of life last night and I hope that it continues to be that way. Since they have Oberon and Two Hearted on draft they certainly deserve a lot of business in Cleveland Park.


SAVOR Beer Week Event Preview: Magic Hat Steal the Pint Night at Atomic

Magic Hat
I have to say I agree with Tonzi’s post about Magic Hat. Their Hocus Pocus and Circus Boy were a huge part of my initial love of craft beer. Roxy Rolles was a key beer in my transition to enjoying hoppier beers. Yet now I never have much of a desire to buy their beer.

This event at Atomic Billiards is quite simple. Order a Magic Hat after 9 and you get to “steal” the pint glass. I’m assuming that the beer will be #9, which is why they’ve chosen to start the event at 9.

Since I live in Cleveland Park and am a sucker for free glassware I’ll probably wander over. Nothing about this will be super crazy, like many things going on this week. Still with all the madness going on, Atomic will be a welcome spot to just relax, enjoy a simpler beer, and add to your glass stash.