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Monday Morning Hangover: The Bat-Suit

You just woke up and realized that despite the fact you have work this morning, you ended up having a few too many last night and ended up somewhere other than your bed. To make matters worse, you have work in an hour, are dressed for a night at the bar, and reek of bad decisions (like that whiskey you decided to end the night with…) In other words, you may be screwed and not in the good way.

Well, “Fool me once…” and all that crap; here, today, I will let you in on what I call the “bat-suit.” Essentially, the “bat-suit” (name inspired by an Entourage episode where Ari reveals his ‘bat-phone,’ a secreted phone that he keeps on him for emergencies) is a change of clothing that you keep at the office. My suit started off as simply a tie after an unscheduled business meeting on a day that I had gone tie-free, but from there, it quickly expanded to what it is today: