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Say It Ain’t So

Oh Goose Island, how we love your tasty beverages!

You’ve brought us the delightful Bourbon County Stout.  A beer that’s so big and boozy, it’s tough to get through just one.

You’ve brought us the 312.  A beer that’s light and crisp and perfect for a hot summer day.

You’ve brought us the Sofie.  Full of flavor and spice.

Now you’ve brought us sadness… via Beer

AB-InBev?  Really?  How could you?  How could you do this to us?!?  You were so good to us!  We were so good together!  Like mac and cheese or peas and carrots, like Bennie and the Jets or Simon and Garfunkel (well, maybe not them).  Noww you’re just going to be a part of machine that pumps out the beers that we all hate.

It’ll never be the same.

/frowny face