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Brew Review-Boulder Never Summer Ale

During some weather induced flight delays recently, I found myself at DIA with a few hours to kill.  Thankfully Boulder Brewery had a brew-pub still open.  Given that snow was cramping my style, and I haven’t been able to fly in/out of Colorado in three years without weather issues, I went with a glass of the Boulder Never Summer Ale.

The beer poured a very deep clear ruby colour with virtually no head.  I was struck by the total absence of any visual carbonation.  In a beer this clear, I expected to see signs of carbonation, but there was just nothing going on.  It gave off strong roasted malts on the nose intermingled with some caramel.

The rich maltiness in the taste is complemented by a very good mixture of caramel and vanilla.  It actually started a little bitter on the tongue, but really smoothed out over a single taste and, despite the caramel and vanilla, didn’t come across too sweet.  The lack of carbonation played through the taste, and the beer was an incredibly easy and smooth drink.  I actually finished it so quickly, I realised I still had too much time to kill, and of course indulged in another.

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