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T.G.I. Friday’s

I began seeing the commercials for T.G.I. Friday’s touting the use of Magic Hat #9 in some of their meals and I was ready to rip on Magic Hat for selling out to a chain.  Then I did some research and it is not Magic Hat selling out.  It was something much different: T.G.I. Friday’s is making themselves a craft beer hotspot!  Well, sort of.  They still have many crappy macro beers, but they are increasing the number of craft beers they carry.  Certain dishes will also be made with craft beer, including: a beer battered shrimp appetizer; entrees with steak, flounder, ribs and chicken either marinated or cooked with it; and a couple of beer-based desserts  (adults only).  While the selection varies by state, Friday’s will be serving some of the following beers: Harpoon IPA, Magic Hat #9, New Belgium Fat Tire, Goose Island Honkers Ale, Abita Amber, Alaskan IPA (Alaska only), Boulevard Wheat, and Uinta Cutthroat Ale (Utah only).  It would be great if each restaurant carried all of the aforementioned brews, but having any exposure to mass markets is great for craft beer.  Cheers to you T.G.I. Friday’s!


Brew Review-Bob’s ’47 Oktoberfest

This Munich-style lager has a medium body and amber appearance.  My pint from the tap was very carbonated with a lot of head, but the head dissipated very soon afterwards.  The aroma is both sweet and bread-like.  Flavor-wise, caramel is the most prominent with additional flavors of toffee, fruit (my guess some tart apple variety), butterscotch, maple syrup, earthy (the hops), and notes of some nut I couldn’t quite place.  The finish is crisp and bitter-sweet.  Not among the top Oktoberfest brews I have had, but it is very drinkable and reasonably priced.


Donald “Don” Von Matterhorn