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Quick Hit: Breckenridge Brewery Ads

Breckenridge has started an advertising campaign called “Truth in Beervertising” ripping on Big Beer (Coors and Miler at this point).  The ads are well done and quite funny.  So far they have and introductory ad and three others:

Hopefully they’ll make some more!

Breckenridge Brewery Brew Review

While visiting Colorado over the winter holidays, I picked up a sampler 12-pack from Breckenridge Brewery.  One of the larger CO craft brewers that doesn’t get much distribution out east (with a new recent appearance at RFD), I thought it would make a good break from a lot of what I’ve been drinking recently, and a good opportunity to review some beers rarely seen on the East Coast.  Breckenridge is actually really widely drunk in Colorado, largely due to their staple beer: Avalanche Ale.  In addition to the Avalanche, this mixed case contained the Oatmeal Stout, Lucky U IPA, and Christmas Ale.  I was lazy and mainly drank these straight out of the bottle, so the reviews are only going to mention the taste.


Brew Review-Breckenridge Avalanche

This  amber ale  is made in Denver, Colorado.   Starting the brewery, Richard Squire became well known for his oatmeal stout he brewed for his friends.  I plan to try that when I get chance.   This beer was only slightly above average for a craft brew.  If I had not gotten it for 3 bucks at a Flyer Saucer Pint Night, I might have been a little bitter.  Not the good hoppy bitter, the bad Manning Face bitter.  The beer has a blend of pale and caramel malts for sweet and hoppy taste.   Basically a blend of an English Pale ale and an American amber ale.  The fruity hops are rather subtle as the sweet maltiness is the essence of this beer.  Also, the yeast character of this beer is really noticeable.


Don Von Matterhorn