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Shake Shack: It Only Takes One Guy, not Five, to Make a Great Burger

I love Five Guys to death. When one opened only 5 minutes from my college campus I went more times then I can count.

After having Shake Shack I doubt I can ever go back.

Everything at Shake Shack is tremendous, starting with the shakes. My favorite is the black and white, which is rich, thick, and has a bit of a peanut butter taste. They are absolutely perfect for a DC summer cool down.

The fries are simply amazing. Unlike many places, they choose to do them crinkle cut allowing them to come out crispy and delicious. Taking my co-worker there for the first time she nearly finished her order on the walk back to the office.

Burgers are sensational and cooShack Stackked medium unless specified. The patties are juicy and practically melt in your mouth. Easily the biggest surprise to me is the mushroom burger I’ve enjoyed as part of the Shack Stack, which is a cheeseburger topped with a mushroom burger. It is a fried Portobello stuffed with munster and cheddar cheese that explode out after biting in. I’ve never even thought to order a mushroom burger but this has opened my eyes.

I have to admit that I had never had or understood the Chicago style hot dog. Curiosity got the best of me and I tried the Shack-cago Dog that is topped with pickles, relish, onion, tomato, cucumber, mustard, salt, and pepper. There is some nice spice to it, but the hot dog is pretty lost in the sea of veggies.

Most importantly Shake Shack serves beer, and good beer at that! They make good use of their 2 taps serving ShackMeister, a beer brewed for them by Brooklyn Brewery that seems to be a pale ale with just a bit of bitterness at the end, as well as a rotating seasonal which is currently Flying Dog’s Old Scratch Amber. If for some reason you want something macro they offer Amstel and Budweiser in bottles. There is also an Abita tap handle but don’t be fooled as it pours root beer.

My biggest piece of advice to anyone who goes during lunch: Don’t be surprised if you are slightly less productive at work afterwards, as Shake Shack leads to a very strong food coma.


Beer Madness! 52 (1)Troegs Troegenator v. (5)Brooklyn Brown

(1) Troegs Troegenator
(5) Brooklyn Brown

Here we have a Pennsylvania and New York matchup a local rivalry that can be tough to match.  These states just do not like each other (or so I’m told).  This matchup pits a solid double bock against an equally solid American brown ale.  As much as I enjoy the Brooklyn I just cannot root for something from New York, so go Troegs!

Beer Madness! 40 (13)Rogue Dead Guy v. (5)Brooklyn Brown

(13) Rogue Dead Guy
(5) Brooklyn Brown

There are few beers that pair better with a some nice red meat than the Brooklyn Brown, and there are few beers that are made with proprietary hops like the Dead Guy.  The hops are PROPRIETARY.  They don’t just own the recipe, they own the ingredients. I’m not sure if I should be impressed or disgusted: maybe a little bit of both.  The Rogue pulled a first round upset, but it’s time to take the dancing shoes off.  The rich taste in the Brooklyn is simply too impressive and dominant, Rogue might manage to hang in their a little bit, but you’ll want to flip the channel by the 4th quarter.

Beer Madness! 16 (5)Brooklyn Brown v. (12)Negra Modelo

(5) Brooklyn Brown
(12) Negra Modelo

Now, this is an interesting, if not lopsided, match-up that will all come down to where it is played. Brooklyn Brown is a solid contender that you don’t want to bet against. Fans like it, and while it is not often a first choice, it’s seen as a safe bet in most situations, except…

In Mexico and the beach. There, Modelo reigns supreme due to its rich flavor yet sessionable body and ABV.

Unfortunately, Modelo is the equivalent of anyone who runs at sea-level and then races at altitude — out of its element. Brooklyn Brown for the win.

Beer Madness! 1 (5)Pork Slap v. (12)Pennant

(5) Butternuts Pork Slap
(12) Brooklyn Pennant

Every time I see the Brooklyn Pennant I can only think of the Yankees.  Let’s be honest, a pennant, in Brooklyn?  It’s obviously not the Mets.  The thought of the Yankees just makes me angry.  So angry that I COULD TAKE THIS BOTTLE AND SMASH IT ON THE GROUND INTO A THOUSAND PIECES AND THEN, but then I look at the can of Pork Slap and seeing those two pigs about to slam into each other with huge smiles on their faces, well, it makes me happy.

Personally, I’m hoping for the Pork Slap, but with a name like Pennant it’s gonna be a tough win.

Brew Review-Brooklyn Cuvée Noire

A few of us J Streeters were out and about in Dupont Circle and decided to stop in at Afterwords Cafe in Kramerbooks for a few beers.  As Shintern mentioned at the end of his Brooklyn Buzz Bomb review, the Afterwords Cafe has a great beer selection.

While there I decided to try the Brooklyn Cuvée Noire which is part of their Brewmaster series.  I had high expectations being from Brooklyn Brewery and being a special series.  It poured very dark with a slight red tint around the edges of the goblet I was given.

The aroma started with a very mild hint of coffee and maybe a very tiny amount of malt, but overall there was a very underwhelming aroma.  This had me worrying that this beer would let me down a bit since I believe that a great beer almost always has to have a great aroma to give a complete experience.

The taste was a bit better than the aroma, but still had a little bit to be desired.  It was quite malty with a very slight coffee taste.  It had nothing to stand out from any other dark ale.  The one surprise was how light it was, but that couldn’t help it out.

I had high expectations from this beer and was let down by the average beer.



Brew Review-Brooklyn Local 1

Local 1

Summer TV sucks.  Seriously.  I need prime time to start up again.  These re-runs are killing me.  So what did I decide to do on a Tuesday night after flipping through my 800-some channels?  That’s right – open up a big bottle of Brooklyn Local 1, kick back on the couch and flip through my TiVo in desperation of finding something on that’s better than Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?