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Beer Madness! 37 (2)Back in Black v. (10)Moo Thunder

(2) 21st Amendment Back in Black IPA
(10) Butternuts Moo Thunder

An ode to the Back in Black
To be or not to be (an IPA), that is the question,
Whether ’tis nobler in the mind (liver) to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune (sobriety),
Or to take arms (beer) against a sea of troubles (probably women),
And by opposing (drinking) end them?

And you probably thought the only use for Shakespeare after 11th grade English was wooing women.  You were just proved to be an idiot.

Also F*ck the Butternuts.  You defeated BLUE PAW and crushed the hopes and dreams of so many.

Beer Madness! 33 (5)Pork Slap v. (4)60 Minute

(5) Butternuts Pork Slap
(4) Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA

After a couple big wins, both of these competitors are carrying some momentum into this match.  The Pork Slap took down a tough beer in the Pennant, but I think their luck has run out.  The 60 Minute has a well-known track record and that kind of experience will easily get them into the Sweet 16.  Sorry Butternuts, better luck next year.

Beer Madness! 13 (7)Blue Paw v. (10)Moo Thunder

(7) Sea Dog Blue Paw
(10) Butternuts Moo Thunder

You’d think this would be one of those tough to call middle-seed match-ups, till you really look at the Sea Dog.  BLUE PAW will do to this tournament what Gonzaga and Butler have done for mid-majors.  By the sweet 16 everyone’s going to be talking about how underrated Sea Dog’s sweet crisp blueberry taste was all season and by the final four, you’ll swear to your friends and co-workers you’ve been a huge fan of Alan Pugsley since he took over in ’02.  No one will believe you, ever, but since everyone else is on the BLUE PAW bandwagon too, it won’t really matter.  They are up against <Insert Brewery Name Here>, which has shown some real <insert overused and never defined adjective (e.g., tenacity, robustness) here> but in the end it’s BLUE PAW ALL THE WAY BABY!!

Beer Madness! 1 (5)Pork Slap v. (12)Pennant

(5) Butternuts Pork Slap
(12) Brooklyn Pennant

Every time I see the Brooklyn Pennant I can only think of the Yankees.  Let’s be honest, a pennant, in Brooklyn?  It’s obviously not the Mets.  The thought of the Yankees just makes me angry.  So angry that I COULD TAKE THIS BOTTLE AND SMASH IT ON THE GROUND INTO A THOUSAND PIECES AND THEN, but then I look at the can of Pork Slap and seeing those two pigs about to slam into each other with huge smiles on their faces, well, it makes me happy.

Personally, I’m hoping for the Pork Slap, but with a name like Pennant it’s gonna be a tough win.

Brew Review-Butternuts Beer and Ale Heinieweisse

Looks like a soda to a cop.  You SHOULD drink it while driving!Butternuts Beer and Ale is a fun and focused brewery in upstate New York.  They only offer four different brewing styles and they only come in cans, which is definitely unusual for a craft brewing outfit.  I like this touch because the cans don’t really look like beer cans.  They look more like fancy sodas, so I can drink this beer when I walk my dog in the neighborhood.  Hooray for looking less creepy! (more…)