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Roundtable Discussion: The Best Beer You’ve had in a Can

Canned beer has gotten a bad rap of the years due to the water that macro breweries call beer.  However, there has been a trend towards putting better beers in cans.  This is great because canning beer is better than bottling beer.  You may ask: “How could this be possible? All the best beers come in bottles!” Well, I’m sure most of you have seen the Sam Adams commercial talking about light destroying (skunking) beer and that’s why they use dark bottles.  Well dark bottles still let some light through, but the almighty can does not let any light through!  Also, it could be debated that the seal on a can is tighter than a bottle cap (especially screw tops) therefore letting less air into the vessel. Side bar for you environmentalists out there, bottles win this battle due to the ease of re-usability.