Brew Review-Weyerbacher Heresy

Last night I decided, “Hey, it’s Fat Tuesday, why don’t I drink 2 of the biggest beers I have and see if I can stay awake past 10pm?”

Note 1:  This would be a logical statement, if I were giving up beer for Lent
Note 2:  I did make it past 10… barely.

The Weyerbacher Heresy is an oak aged Imperial Stout.  So, you know where this is going. (I think for the remainder of the week I’ll stick with hoppy beers… these imperial stouts are not helping my waist size)

The Heresy is pitch black with a nice thick chocolate colored head.  The aroma is a sweet, chocolaty, boozy concoction.  The flavor is perfect for the style.  Creamy and sweet.  A little raisin flavor.  Mild mocha with a slight oaky finish.  A little alcohol burn so you don’t drink too many.  Overall, I was very happy with this beer.  Plus, around here, it’s fairly cheap.  Enjoy!



50 Most Fattening Beers

It’s all the rage to be health conscious and count calories. However, it can be difficult to determine the nutritional information of beer since it is not included on the bottle. This is due to the fact that beer, and all other alcohol, is regulated by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB); unlike the FDA, the TTB does not require any nutritional information on the bottles. So how can you calorie counters know which beers to avoid? Well The Daily Beast made a list of the 50 most fattening beers (50 page slide show egad!) where they give the calorie count, carbohydrates and ABV.  Not sure what pool of beers they used, but it’s a starting point.  Cheers!

The Amazing Low-Cal Beer and You!

Have you noticed there aren’t any commercials for good beer?  It’s always the shitty macro beers you see on TV.  Or the “imports”.  I watched a commercial today for MGD 64.  The premise behind this awesome beer is that it has low calories.  That’s right, low calories.  We’re worried about calories in our beer now?  We all know that drinking a lot of beer will give you the DREADED BEER BELLY (AAAAAHHH!!!!).  You’re just supposed to drink in moderation.  Or at least that’s what the Red Stripe guy told me.