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3xB: Olde English 800

Pop quiz:  What is the greatest combination of food and drink possible?

a) Filet Mignon and Cabernet

b) Canned Tuna and Yoo-Hoo

c) Peach Schnapps and Black Liquorice

d) Spaghetti and 40s

Too easy.

What is the greatest combination of 2 things ever?

a) cocaine and blow jobs

b) world peace and unlimited money

c) weed and the Muppets Take Manhattan

d) spaghetti and 40s

The answer to both questions is “d”.



Thinking About Drinking Games

Drinking games always leave me with a lot of questions.  It’s not anything about how they’re played, but more about their names, players, or general existence.  Two that I could never figure out:  Why do some people call it beer pong and others Beirut?  And, why are girls so good at flip cup?

The question that I want to think about today is a bit different:  Where do drinking games fit in the broader beer culture?