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Adventures in Beer Drinking: Gainesville, FL edition

Most of the contributors to this site can verify, I’m not the most adventuresome beer drinker. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll peruse beer menus and look for something new to try, but if either nothing grabs me or I’m being lazy, my drink of choice is Shiner Bock, which is readily available at most beer-oriented bars in the District.

Unfortunately for me, this is not true for Gainesville, FL – home of the University of Florida, Shintern’s Mom, and, until this past weekend, most of Shintern’s furniture and possessions. Without my fallback favorite beer being served, my epic-sized moving weekend was not looking good, but then I had dinner at Satchel’s Pizza, a local Communist structured restaurant (it is owned by the employees) that served the following draft beers: Sam Adams Seasonal, Widmer Bros Hefe, Stella Artois, and Swamphead Big Nose IPA, a locally brewed beer.