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Ballpark Brews: New Season New Beer?

A new season brings new hope that this could be the season where the Nationals (or your favorite team, well, besides the Pirates) break through to the winning side.  For the beer lovers out there, the new season brings hope that there will be added “good” beer at the stadium.  I was able to find good beer last season, but would these beers still be there? (more…)

Brew Review-Southern Star’s Bombshell Blonde

Southern Star Brewing Company Bombshell Blonde Conroe, TX; American Blonde; 5.2% ABV

I was the lucky recipient of a birthday care package from my college roommate, Big Poppa Bear Black, that was stock full of Texas beer. While I have had most of them before, the Bombshell Blonde piqued my interest because I had never heard of it or Southern Star BC. So, I cracked open a can, poured it into a 12 oz glass, and sat back to watch my beloved Liverpool FC blow a one-goal lead in the second half to Tottenham. To make matters worse, it was a replay of the Sunday game, and I had already looked up the result. At least, the beer could surprise me.

The beer pours a cloudy gold/amber color a shade lighter than honey and simmers down to a thin head. The beer smells lightly of honey and sweet. The brew tastes malty and is followed up with a bitter bit towards the end. The distinct tastes doesn’t really hangout long, but the beer’s flavor mixture seems to — it’s just hard to distinguish its different aspects. As for the beer’s body, it starts off light but seems to linger heavy; however, it is smooth and, due to the balance between the malty front and bitter back, could be a session beer during the summer. One advantage is that the beer is canned, so it could make a great addition to your cooler during your next trip to the river to float/swim/camp/fish.

— Shintern1909