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Roundtable Discussion: Favorite Brewery

There are over 1500 breweries in the United States alone. Some of them people love and others unfortunately not so much. What qualities are needed to make someone pick their favorite with so many options available? Is it purely based on flavors? Is it due to experiences had while enjoying the beer? Is it from knowing and befriending employees of the brewery? Not surprisingly this varies from person to person as we see here at J Street Beer. One choice was absolutely shocking…wait no Shintern did indeed pick Shiner.


Sixth and I Synagogue to Host a Heavy Seas Tasting

I’m sure the first thing that most people think of when they hear the word synagogue is beer. Wait, you’re telling me that isn’t normal? Well, let me see if I can convince you that it is.

On Wednesday, August 10th, at 7 p.m. , Sixth and I Historic Synagogue will be holding their 3rd beer tasting in the past eight months. The previous two sold out well in advance and included a wide variety of craft beers, with an emphasis on drinking local. Featured breweries have included Port City, Baying Hound, Dogfish Head, and Flying Dog.
Loose Cannon

The featured brewery for this event is none other then Heavy Seas, who will be showing the virtues of one of my favorite IPA’s: Loose Cannon. At least five different varieties will be showcased during this event and I’m sure I’m not the only one curious exactly what they will be. Three great representatives will be on hand in the brewer, hop farmer, and the cellarman. I’m sure each will provide insights from their point of view in the brewing process.

Tickets are only $15 and are available for purchase at the Sixth and I website. This event will sell out so if you plan on going make sure to purchase your tickets as soon as possible.

Once again Chris O’Brien, author of the book Fermenting Revolution: How to Drink Beer and Save the World, will be hosting the event. Chris does a great job imparting beer knowledge and keeps the crowd laughing.

Finally I hope that no one decides not to attend this event because they are not Jewish. Sixth and I hosts a wide range of events and everyone is more then welcome to come and enjoy some Loose Cannon. Just try not to be like Paul Rinehart and say that a beer pairs well with pork! If for some reason you need any more incentive to come, I’ll be passing out the beers so you can mock me while you have a great time.


The DMV Brewers BBQ

In case you haven’t heard Smith Commons is hosting an amazing BBQ this Sunday, July 3rd. What more American way is there to spend Indepence Day then with awesome people, food, and of course lots of beer. This event will pair DMV Brewers BBQsome great food with beers from 8, count them 8, local breweries.

First take a look at the food menu from Tonzi’s post. I’m not going to name names but one employee of an attending brewery mentioned that the short rib was some of the best he has ever had, so I trust the food will be excellent.

Onto the beer. The 8 breweries that will be attending are 3 Stars, DC Brau, Port City, Baying Hound, Flying Dog, Heavy Seas, Lost Rhino, and Stillwater. Representatives from each brewery will be on hand and on the 2nd floor at about 7 they will be introduced and speak a bit about their beers and I’m sure share lots of entertaining stories.

On Draft:

The Syndicate Saison-3 Stars (6.8% ABV)

The Public APA-Dc Brau (6% ABV)

The Corruption IPA-DC Brau (6.5% ABV)

The Citizen BPA-DC Brau (7% ABV)

Backyard Ale Smoked Amber -Flying Dog (7.5% ABV)

Table For Two Belgian Style Table Beer-Flying Dog (5% ABV)

Raging Bitch  Belgian IPA-Flying Dog (8.3% ABV)

Holy Sheet Uber Abbey Ale-Heavy Seas (9% ABV)

Loose Cannon IPA-Heavy Seas (7.25% ABV)

Plank I Old Style English Ale-Heavy Seas (8% ABV)

Rhino Chasers Pilsner-Lost Rhino (5.6% ABV)

Face Plant IPA-Lost Rhino (6.2% ABV)

Optimal Wit Belgian Wit-Port City (5% ABV)

Porter-Port City (7.5% ABV)

Existent Ale American Farmhouse Ale-Stillwater (7.4% ABV)

Stateside Saison American Farmhouse Ale-Stillwater (7.4% ABV)

Bottle and Cans:

Taj Mahound IBA-Baying Hound (7% ABV)

Lord Wimsey Mild Pale Ale-Baying Hound (6% ABV)

Dubbel Cannon Belgian IPA-Heavy Seas (7.25% ABV)

The Public APA-Dc Brau (6% ABV)

Cellar Door American Farmhouse Ale (750 ml)-Stillwater (6.6% ABV)

Optimal Wit Belgian Wit-Port City (5% ABV)

All pints are only $5 so if you are in town this weekend, there is no other place to be.


In DC for the 4th? Get to Smith Commons!

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Have you ever asked yourself, “why isn’t there be a place that I could go and try beers from breweries in the DC Metro area, and enjoy an incredible barbecue at the same time?”

I have great news!  Smith Commons is throwing a bash this Fourth of July Weekend that should not be missed!

This event is going to be incredible!

They’ll be offering up delicious foods and (most importantly) local brews.

Read on for more details!


Beer Madness! 51 (5)Hopslam v. (1)Siren Noire

(5) Bells Hopslam
(1) Heavy Seas Siren Noire

Sweet golden extreme hopiness?  check.  Delicious chocolate and malts?  check.  Perfect balance? check.  This match-up has everything you could ask for, especially the Hopslam.

Beer Madness! 48 (11)Loose Cannon v. (3)Sumpin Sumpin

(11) Heavy Seas Loose Cannon
(3) Lagunitas Little Sumpin Sumpin

A Loose Cannon can cause an incredible amount of havoc on deck.   Sailors!  Make sure your cannons are secured on deck.  It’s physics!  On the other hand, Little Sumpin Sumpin probably has a secret or two waiting to break out in this contest.  It’s right there in the name.  In conclusion, CANNON BAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL!!!!!

Beer Madness! 47 (3)Heavy Seas Marzen v. (11)Ommegang Abbey

(3) Heavy Seas Marzen
(11) Ommegang Abbey Ale

The Marzen is a fantastic session beer, but the Belgian style Abbey Ale will overpower it with little trouble.  Don’t let the low seed fool you.  If George Mason can make the final four as an 11 seed, Ommegang should have no trouble rising above seed to push on.

Beer Madness! 42 (8)Shiner v. (1)Siren Noire

(8) Shiner Bock
(1) Heavy Seas Siren Noire

Heavy Seas snuck out of the first round by the skin of their teeth, but can their luck continue against the pride of Texas?  I believe this is where the alarms will go off for the Siren. However, a vote for Shiner is a vote for Texas… is that something you are comfortable with?

Beer Madness! 28 (6)Yuengling v. (11)Heavy Seas Loose Cannon

(6) Yuengling
(11) Heavy Seas Loose Cannon

Dear Selection Committee, it’s looking like you gave America’s oldest brewery the raw deal.  Sure, everyone likes Yuengling.  Hell, when you’re at a bar and you’re stuck picking between Bud, Miller, Coors, and Yuengling; the obvious choice is Yuengling.  But, Loose Cannon is no macro-brew.  Loose Cannon remains a favorite around these parts because of its sweet, citrusy hop flavor.  A flavor that Yuengling sorely lacks.  Looking to be a blowout of epic proportions.  Aaargh!

Beer Madness! 27 (3)Heavy Seas Marzen v. (14)Otter Creek Copper

(3) Heavy Seas Marzen
(14) Otter Creek Copper Ale

Nothing says March Madness like a battle royal between a German style Marzen and German style Altbier.  Both beers come in pretty tame at under 6% ABV so I expect a low scoring affair.  While their pedigrees are impressive I expect their German pedigree to reign supreme – obsessive deference to the rules, socks & sandals, and of course arrogance.  Normally you could cite arrogance as a potential downfall for a top seed, but what happens when the underdog is just as arrogant?  The Marzen wins, but we all lose.

Beer Madness! 22 (1)Heavy Seas Siren Noire v. (16)Schlitz

(1) Heavy Seas Siren Noire
(16) Schlitz

A classic David vs. Goliath matchup.  Heavy Seas brings with it a strong reputation of high-caliber players, known to rarely disappoint in big moments.  Schlitz, however, has the popular appeal to offer some resistance to the heavy favorite.  On name alone, many casual viewers will be tempted by the allure of Schlitz, but most will find that pick barely defensible once the Siren Noire makes itself known.

Beer Madness! (An ode to ale, college basketball, and day drinking)

You are probably an American or living in America.  (If you are not, please click this link.)  Since you are an American or have had America thrust upon you, then I am sure you are aware of the big month-long amateur sporting contest that begins this week.  This contest is a great opportunity to gamble and to slack off at work while doing research* for your impending gambling binge.  The great thing about this implicit endorsement of wagering on the physical performance of 19-year-old boys, is that everyone can participate and anyone can win.

Your college is not represented?  Fill out your bracket predicting the 1st round demise of your hated rival.  You don’t know the difference between a box-in-one and a box of shit?  Fill out your bracket based on which mascot would win in a fight. You know more about college basketball than Dick Vitale and Bill Raftery?  I guarantee your bracket will not win.  Karen from accounting is going to win because she likes Kansas State’s purple uniforms.

In honor of this great gambling orgy, J Street Beer is doing you a favor.  We have combined your two favorite things into one great thing. Alcohol and gambling. Together at last! That’s correct, we are hosting our inaugural J Street Beer Madness Super-Brew Tournament For The Ages (JSBMSBTFTA, for short).  Over the next few weeks we will whittle our 64 brews down to one supreme beer champion.  View the bracket below and then vote on the individual match-ups. The voting will be for a complete 24 hour period and each match-up will coincidentally be voted on during the same day as the corresponding match-up in that other tournament that everybody in your office will predict better than you.  When we get to the excellent eight final beers, J Street Beer will have head-to-head taste tests to determine the winner.

On to the match ups…


Brew Review-Heavy Seas Small Craft Warning Uber Pils

Heavy Seas Small Craft Warning Uber Pils, Golden Bock Lager, 7% ABV

It’s getting to be that time of year again, the time when my favorite style of beers come back into ‘season.’ I’m talking about Pilsners/Lagers. (This one is a “golden bock lager.”) Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy a great stout, porter, and tasty IPA, but there’s something about sitting outside in the sun at the ballpark, local biergarten, or my backyard and enjoying a crisp, refreshing lager. Consequently, I was stoked to see those types of beers starting to make their way into the beer aisle.

First up, the Heavy Seas Small Craft Warning Uber Pils. One of my favorite beers (and I’m sure my fellow J Street-ers would second) is Heavy Seas Loose Cannon, which was my first real love with this Baltimore-based brewery. Since then, I have tried others and can’t remember ever being disappointed (their chocolate stout is delicious, mostly because it tastes like a chocolate shake). I saw a sixer of the Small Craft Warning at D’Vines and knew I had to give it a try.

The beer pours a nice gold-orange color that hints it’s not going to be better than that “triple-hopped pilsner” we all drank in college (and still do for drinking games…). The head is white and starts, say, 3mm thick but dissipates in about 10 seconds.

The aroma it gives off is quite mellow with a bit of fruit and some sweetness.

The sweetness comes through on the taste; maybe a bit too much since I was initially expecting a crisp flavor. You do get some malt towards the end of the drink.

The body is a bit heavy and does not leave a ‘clean’ feeling. Instead, it seems to hang out and you can still taste it after a couple of breaths.

Overall, this is nowhere close to the worst beer that I’ve had, but when I see pilsner, I do expect something crisp and easily sessionable, especially when in the sun. I don’t think this is the beer for that. That said, if you see it on draft somewhere, give it a try. I’m not the end-all-be-all word on beer and maybe this one is right in your wheelhouse.

— Shintern1909

J Street Beer Momentous Occasion

Tonight is a special night! 

Our very own Pyzocha is celebrating a birthday! (I won’t tell you his age… we’re embarrassed)

To celebrate this occasion, we’ll be having A BIG BOTTLE BEER BLOG BLOWOUT!!!  Tonight, at about 8pm, we’ll be ripping through a laundry list of big bottles, tasting, drinking, pounding, and hopefully coherently live-blogging the whole thing!

Join us here for this momentous occasion tonight at 8!



Brew Review-Heavy Seas The Greater Pumpkin

It’s officially that time of year.  Pumpkin Beer Time!

This can either be a great time of year if you really enjoy pumpkin pie and Halloween, or it can be a huge disappointment if you can’t stomach pumpkin pie, and always wear a t-shirt that says, “THIS IS MY COSTUME”.

It’s almost Halloween, or Pagan Christmas, so the pumpkins are in full bloom and are gracing our glasses with their pumpkiny flavors.

So, I got into the festive mood and got a Heavy Seas Greater Pumpkin.  That’s right Linus, “GREATER PUMPKIN”.  Go ahead and sit in your bug-infested pumpkin patch waiting for your loser of a pumpkin god to show up.  It’s BEER TIME!


Brew Review-Heavy Seas Red Sky at Night

Heavy Seas’ Red Sky at Night is a delicious saison.  A nice part about the summer is that the saisons come out to play.  They’re everywhere.  Most breweries will pump out a saison during the summer months, and Heavy Seas provides us with one of the better ones.