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Brew Review-Brooklyn Buzz Bomb

If you have a time machine, you could definitely get this beer two weeks ago at Afterwords in Dupont...

A couple of weeks ago (yes, I’m shit at posting on a regular basis), I stopped into Afterwords’ bar in Dupont (restaurant side Kramer’s Books) before heading to an alumni happy hour. While one might think that a book store is not the best place for a bar (I would agree after having a few and trying to read and write…), Afterwords has held a soft-spot in my heart since my first visit back in 2006. Of course, that was because they were serving Shiner on tap. Even though, they are no longer serving the greatest beer in Texas and thus the world, they consistently have a great rotating tap list – including one dedicated to Brooklyn Brewmasters Reserve.
Since they were out of the Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout, I decided to order the Brewmasters Reserve – the Brooklyn Buzz Bomb.