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Breckenridge Brewery – Part 2

About a month ago I did a review of several of Breckenridge’s offerings, and was a little harsh on the brewery as a whole.  I recently picked up a bottle of one of Breck’s 471 small batch series Extra Special Bitter.  I now feel like I owe Breck a bit of an apology, because this was a phenomenal beer.

As an ESB the beer doesn’t offer a massive range of diversity or any particularly extreme flavours, but it does an ESB really, really, really well.  A light copper colour with a reasonable head, it gives a great biscuit smell.  The taste is principally a mixture of baked light malts and strong bready malts.  There’s a decided lack of any sweetness at all, but the beer finishes nice and crisp.  At 7.8% it’s that perfect everyday beer.

It’s a shame (or maybe a good thing) I can’t easily get this beer on a regular basis, because it could quickly become one of those staple beers that is always in my fridge.


Monday Morning Hangover: Coherent Stupidity

Everyone enjoys drinking.  Well, most people enjoy drinking.  For those of us who do enjoy drinking, there are various levels to our drunkenness.

Many of us can have a few drinks and enjoy our evenings.  A few beers, or a couple glasses of wine, nothing crazy, just something to take the edge off; make us relax a bit.  This is something that can make us more sociable and enjoy the evening.  Although, there is a step, just past the “sociable” level, that I like to call “coherent stupidity”.  Everyone knows it.  It’s the point where the guy that’s been drinking quite a bit isn’t quite wasted, and definitely isn’t sober, but he’s trying to carry on a rational conversation.  A conversation that is definitely beyond the scope of reason for the amount of drinking he’s done.  If this guy were sober, he would probably make sense in this conversation.  However, in his current condition, it’s really not a good idea.