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Monday Morning Hangover: The Hangover Strikes Back

I’m sure that I wasn’t the only one that spent a good portion of a weekend morning suffering from a Savor-induced hangover. But while I sometimes wake up hungover and wonder if the night was worth the cost, I had no doubt yesterday that Savor, with its vast array of beers, well-paired food and amazing group of fellow beer-lovers, was completely worth the hangover.

Now, I’ll just have to deal with the withdrawal that comes from having so many good beers from breweries not available in the DC region. While my hangover drawer was able to help me deal with the hangover from Savor weeknight events, I do not know if there is a cure for the overall withdrawal of those events. Hopefully, more and more breweries will at least see how amiable DC beer drinkers are to ‘tap take-overs’ and special events such as limited tastings and ‘meet the brewer’. Better yet, I hope the brewers, who are not yet in the DC market, left here with the thought of “we have to get our beer to DC.”

Much thanks goes out to JBass who reconnoitered the event on Friday night and gave the rest of us a head’s up about some of the beers that would run-out quickly, such as the delicious Odell Woodcut No 5, the sour Avery Dihos Dactylion, and either of Cigar City’s brews. Out of the beers that I clearly remember, the Odell Woodcut No 5 was my favorite; although, I do give props to Cigar City’s ability to give the Humidor IPA its cigar flavored aftertaste and to make the Oatmeal Raisin Cookie taste exactly like one.

Few will be shocked that outside of the actual beer tasting, my biggest surprise came from finding Texas’s St Arnolds Brewery at the event. When the first Savor brewery list was released, I searched it to see if a Texas brewery made it but came up empty. A buddy of mine from Texas said the same thing. It was a pleasant surprise. While I forced the Fancy Lawnmower — a brew I have previously reviewed and think is a great summer beer — on some of my friends, it was easy to tell that, after having the Woodcut No 5, they were not head-over-heels in love with it. They did claim it would be a great BBQ beer though.

What were y’alls’ favorite beers or surprises (aside from the killer hangover the next day)?

Monday Morning Hangover: Redneck Tip on Fighting Mosquitoes

Busch knows it's clientele: Camo and Blaze Orange packaging to make sure that even drunk, you won't shoot the beer.

It’s the return of the Monday Morning Hangover and this edition’s beer related trick/tip is just in time for BBQ season.

While growing up in rural Texas, I often had somewhat random pieces of wisdom imparted on me. Some of it good; some of it bad, but today, I’m going to share with you one of the tricks that I was taught in my younger years but couldn’t really test until I was in college.

See, as a child, I spent most of my Fall weekends doing the stereotypical Texas activities. On Friday night, I’d go to watch my hometown’s high school football team lose yet again and then head out to the local hunting camp for the weekend. Needless to say, you meet a lot of down-to-earth, friendly people. Not only will they give you suggestions on where to find deer, help you to field-dress and process it, and get up early to ensure you go out with a good hearty breakfast, they also share little tid-bits of vital information, one of which was a way to be less attractive to mosquitoes. ┬áNow, I can’t remember who told me this trick, but it has been tested a la Mythbusters style and proven to at least be a bit true:

Drinking Busch Light keeps mosquitoes away. Don’t ask me why this is true (best guess, the beer is so awful that mosquitos don’t even want to have it second-hand), but empirical evidence did validate it. On a camping trip during college, I decided to test this idea. While everyone else was drinking Bud Light/Coors Light/Miller Lite, I reached for my tall boys of Busch Light. The next day, I did have a few mosquito bites but no where near the number of my fellow campers. Since then, I’ve always grabbed at least a sixer of Busch Light when heading out into the woods.

Anyone out there hear about this trick?

— Shintern1909