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3xB: Widmer Brothers Barrel Aged Brrrbon

This Week’s Big Bottle:  Widmer Brothers Barrel Aged Brrrbon



3xB: Brewer’s Art Resurrection

This week’s big bottle: Brewer’s Art Resurrection


Brew Review-Brasserie Des Geants Saison Voisin

I know what you’re thinking.

Brasserie Des Géants?  Saison Voisin?  Sounds fancy!

Well, you’re kinda right.

This saison hails from Ath, Belgium in the Irchonwelz region.

Yup.  Fancy.

But, only fancy because it’s from Belgium…


3xB: Southern Tier hoppe

This week’s Big Bottle: Southern Tier hoppe


Brew Review-Allagash Fluxus 2010

Hello, my name is Jeremy, and I’m a nibaholic.

Man, I am a sucker for cacao nibs.  I’m just going to get it out there in the open and admit it.

I love cacao nibs.

When they get thrown into a beer, I love it!  I feel like I’m having dessert and getting drunk at the same time.  Kinda like rum cake, or something.  Only more emphasis on the booze.


Beer in a Church? Yes Please!

I was in Pennsylvania for Labor Day weekend and my friend decided to show me some of the scenes of Pittsburgh. Having been there a few times I was skeptical he would show me anything new.  However, he told me that we were going to a bar in a church. I had never heard of such a bar so I was intrigued.  We had to make one stop for a Pittsburgh mainstay:

3xB: New Holland Beerhive Tripel

This Week’s Big Bottle:  New Holland Beerhive Tripel


Brew Review-Flying Dog Dogtoberfest

It’s officially September.  Which means it’s time for Oktoberfest beers! (yes, I know most of them were out in August, but now that it’s September I can acknowledge their existence)


3xB: Flying Fish Exit 16

This week’s Big Bottle:  Flying Fish’s Exit 16


3xB: Lost Abbey Inferno Ale

This week’s Big Bottle: The Lost Abbey’s Inferno Ale


Ballpark Brews: Search for Good Beer

Good Beer?As you saw from my last post Nationals Park has some great over-priced macro brews.  So the question came about: can good beer be found at the stadium? (more…)

3xB: The Bruery Trade Winds Tripel

This week’s Big Bottle: The Bruery’s Trade Winds Tripel


A Trip To Mad Fox Brewing

Mad Fox Brewing Company has only been open for about a week.  It appears to be a small place on the corner of Rt. 7 and W Broad St. out in Falls Church.  But inside, it’s quite spacious.  And on it’s first Friday night, the spacious area was packed with people eager to try out all the new things the Mad Fox had to offer.


Big Bottle Breakdown: Southern Tier Iniquity

This week’s Big Bottle:  Southern Tier Iniquity (more…)

A Trip to Hopleaf

I had the pleasure of making a trip out to Hopleaf in Chicago.  A place considered by many to be one of the best beer bars in America.  I gotta say, it was pretty sweet.

Initially, it looks like a hole in the wall.  Not a huge entrance, just a small sign letting you know it’s there.  The front bar fits only about 50, so you’ve gotta get there early if you want bar space.  The dining area to the back is surprisingly large.  Likely room for another 80 people.  The bare brick walls are lined with old Belgian paintings and beer signs.