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The DMV Brewers BBQ

In case you haven’t heard Smith Commons is hosting an amazing BBQ this Sunday, July 3rd. What more American way is there to spend Indepence Day then with awesome people, food, and of course lots of beer. This event will pair DMV Brewers BBQsome great food with beers from 8, count them 8, local breweries.

First take a look at the food menu from Tonzi’s post. I’m not going to name names but one employee of an attending brewery mentioned that the short rib was some of the best he has ever had, so I trust the food will be excellent.

Onto the beer. The 8 breweries that will be attending are 3 Stars, DC Brau, Port City, Baying Hound, Flying Dog, Heavy Seas, Lost Rhino, and Stillwater. Representatives from each brewery will be on hand and on the 2nd floor at about 7 they will be introduced and speak a bit about their beers and I’m sure share lots of entertaining stories.

On Draft:

The Syndicate Saison-3 Stars (6.8% ABV)

The Public APA-Dc Brau (6% ABV)

The Corruption IPA-DC Brau (6.5% ABV)

The Citizen BPA-DC Brau (7% ABV)

Backyard Ale Smoked Amber -Flying Dog (7.5% ABV)

Table For Two Belgian Style Table Beer-Flying Dog (5% ABV)

Raging Bitch  Belgian IPA-Flying Dog (8.3% ABV)

Holy Sheet Uber Abbey Ale-Heavy Seas (9% ABV)

Loose Cannon IPA-Heavy Seas (7.25% ABV)

Plank I Old Style English Ale-Heavy Seas (8% ABV)

Rhino Chasers Pilsner-Lost Rhino (5.6% ABV)

Face Plant IPA-Lost Rhino (6.2% ABV)

Optimal Wit Belgian Wit-Port City (5% ABV)

Porter-Port City (7.5% ABV)

Existent Ale American Farmhouse Ale-Stillwater (7.4% ABV)

Stateside Saison American Farmhouse Ale-Stillwater (7.4% ABV)

Bottle and Cans:

Taj Mahound IBA-Baying Hound (7% ABV)

Lord Wimsey Mild Pale Ale-Baying Hound (6% ABV)

Dubbel Cannon Belgian IPA-Heavy Seas (7.25% ABV)

The Public APA-Dc Brau (6% ABV)

Cellar Door American Farmhouse Ale (750 ml)-Stillwater (6.6% ABV)

Optimal Wit Belgian Wit-Port City (5% ABV)

All pints are only $5 so if you are in town this weekend, there is no other place to be.


In DC for the 4th? Get to Smith Commons!

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Have you ever asked yourself, “why isn’t there be a place that I could go and try beers from breweries in the DC Metro area, and enjoy an incredible barbecue at the same time?”

I have great news!  Smith Commons is throwing a bash this Fourth of July Weekend that should not be missed!

This event is going to be incredible!

They’ll be offering up delicious foods and (most importantly) local brews.

Read on for more details!


SAVOR Beer Week Event Review: Kickoff at Policy

No Crabs

Crabs and craft beer is a brilliant idea and a great way to start SAVOR week. Unfortunately Policy did not quite deliver on this promise.

I planned on getting to Policy around 2:30 with a few friends, but my plans changed when I saw a tweet just before 2 saying that there were no more crabs available. With this information now in my head I decided to grab a light bite on the way and head over a bit later alone.

Once I arrived a few minutes after 4 I had mixed feelings. Even though the food and beer reps were gone, I was happy with the beer options. On tap I saw Port City’s Optimal Wit and Dogfish Head’s 90 Minute IPA as well as beers from DC Brau and Heavy Seas. I opted for Flying Dog’s Cask of Single Hop Simcoe, which I ended up getting the last half glass of.

This was certainly not as amazing or thought out as I had hoped the opening event for this crazy week would be. I believe the majority of upcoming events will run much smoother than this did.


SAVOR Beer Week Event Preview: Kickoff at Policy

I know everyone has been waiting for this moment just as much as I have. At noon SAVOR beer week kicks off at Policy with crabs.

The beer selection will be great with local pints all being only $5. DC Brau, Port City, Flying Dog, Heavy Seas and Dogfish Head will all be available and several cask offerings will be offered for the same low price.

If the sublime beer selection is not enough to entice you, the food specials should rope you in immediately. For only $18 you get three whole crabs along with your choice of three soft shell crabs or two crab cakes. Oh and did I mention you also get unlimited sides?

I’ll be at this event for many reasons. This will be the beginning of an amazing week with quality food and of course tasty beer. Once I heard that there might be barrel aged Gonzo from Flying Dog I knew this would be the perfect way to celebrate Memorial Day.


Brew Review: Port City Essential Pale Ale

Port City Essential Pale Ale; Poured from a growler

Yes, a couple of weeks ago, a few of us went down to Port City to check out the facilities and all their beers.  On that trip, I purchased a growler of their IPA (One that I find to be fantastic with a great balance of hops and malts. Thankfully Port City has gone for taste and finesse over joining in the hop dick measuring contest that is as annoying as Gillette and Schick trying to out blade each other’s razors). This time, I was taking a fellow Texas Longhorn grad down there along with Tonzi’s and Pyzocha’s growlers. Since they wanted the IPA and Wit, I decided to go with the other favorite from the first trip, the Essential Pale Ale. While I still think the IPA is a more meticulously made beer, the Essential Pale Ale is good in its own right, especially when compared to the overly hopped DC Brau Public Ale.*

I poured the reviewed pint two days after it was put into the growler. It pours a lovely gold-orange color with a white head. Currently, there is very little carbonation but that’s due to the age in growler. The beer has a nice floral sweet smell to it, and the sweetness comes through on the taste. You don’t get a lot of bitterness from this pale ale. The body is what one would expect (light-average) and it finishes nice and cleanly.

I’ll still first look for the Monumental IPA (seriously, I think it’s my favorite IPA out there), but I won’t be disappointed with the Essential Pale Ale.

— Shintern

* Hats off to them for opening up a brewery in DC and being at the forefront of the District’s market, but I just haven’t been really impressed by their beer. That said, be sure to try the DC Brau Public Ale, especially if you like hops, because I’ve heard people rave about it. It  just proves everyone has different tastes. I love Shiner Bock, my father’s beer was Miller Lite, and his father drank only Pearl — to each their own.

Brewery Tour – Port City


A few of us reviewers and some friends visited the Port City Brewing Company’s facilities in Alexandria the weekend before last.  It was a brief tour and we were provided with five five oz. samples for five dollars.   The brewery has their tasting and tour schedules available on their website.  You can take a virtual tour here: (if you’re afraid of leaving your home).  However, with the in-person tour you get to taste the IPA before it fully matures, and you can ask the tour guide some in-depth questions about their brewing process and future plans.  The pineapple that sits atop their entrance sign is a symbol of welcoming that mariners used to indicate they were receiving visitors.  I was the designated driver, so I didn’t partake too much in the sampling.  I liked the Monumental IPA the best.  Freshness of the beer aside, the Essential Pale ale and wit were good, but not exceptional.  A good way to kill a few hours on a Saturday before your evening revelry.  Pick up a reasonably priced growler of brew and some Port City swag while your there.

X’s and Shintern’s take on the beer and tour are below.

-Donny V


Brew Review-Port City American Porter

This was my first chance to get a taste of the area’s newest craft brewer: Port City.  I’d heard nothing but good things about their offerings, so I was excited to finally get a chance to try one.

The American Porter pours out a very dark brown, almost black colour with no real head.  The nose carries hints of cherries, other dried berries, and a faint hint of chocolate.  The beer has a good smooth carbonation that makes it go down really well.  It starts off with some basic maltiness, however that gives way to a nice cherry/chocolate sweetness.  It finishes a little bitter on the tongue, but doesn’t linger much.

Overall, this wasn’t a stellar beer, but it was an enjoyable, mild porter that I certainly wouldn’t mind having again.