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Brew Review-Russian River Brewing Co. Blind Pig IPA

Russian River Blind Pig IPA

A week ago, I made my first trip out to the West Coast, and while breweries were not part of the trip, I did reconnoiter (Ed. note: this is a big word for Shintern) the beers to help decide which breweries would make it on my tour list for my next trip. Now to be fair, part of these beers’ appeal is that they aren’t available in the DC area but that only served as the catalyst for why I ordered them. Consequently, I by-passed Anderson Valley, Bear Republic, and Lagunitas in order to try as many Russian River brews as possible.

Sadly, I was unable to document most of those beers because, well, I honestly didn’t feel like taking notes and instead wanted to enjoy the beers and the scene; however, I did manage to “Bandit” some of the beers back in my bag. One of which is the Russian River 6.10 % IPA, the Blind Pig.

The beer is a nice golden orange color with a decent white head. You can smell the hops and some solid citrus aromas. The beer instantly has the bitter taste of the hops with the taste hanging in the mouth. Overall the body is medium with the usual carbonation.

Overall, you should give it a whirl if you find it available especially if you like strong hoppy IPAs; however, I do remember having their Double IPA, Pliny the Elder, and thinking it had a better taste. That said, it’s still…

— Shintern1909