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Brew Review: Shiner Holiday Cheer

Too late now but for future reference

Shiner Holiday Cheer, Dunkelweizen, 5.4% ABV (Was on draft at RFD)

Note: It’s a Leap Day miracle!!! Multiple beer reviews! Now to convince Sir James Wilson to give me beer for tears.

My first impression of this beer was severely tainted by Pyzocha and X. I was away visiting Squirrel in SF and enjoying some very, very delicious bourbon when they informed me that Shiner was on tap at RFD.  At first, I was pissed off at missing Shiner on tap, but then they said it was Shiner Cheer, the winter draft.

My love of Shiner has basically revolved around their one, solid beer — the Bock. Every time, I find one of their new brews, it becomes my first beer at the bar. Unfortunately, Shiner has let me down. Again. That said, I know loads of people that really, really like their winter

Pour: The Cheer poured an amber color with a very thin cream-colored head. There was very little evidence of carbonation due to lack of bubbles and the low head, but that was not unexpected with a winter beer.

Aroma: Honestly, my first thought upon smelling this beer was ‘Sour Patch Kids’. I swear to God, to me, Shiner Cheer smelled exactly like a bag of Sour Patch Kids. Once that delicious candy was in my head, I couldn’t get past it and unable to report any hint of anything else. (To be fair, everyone else I had smell the beer thought the same thing.)

Taste: Put it simply, it did not taste like bhat said, it tasted like it smelled — like fruit-flavored gummy candies.

Body: The beer had nice thin body that coated the mouth. The body wasn’t bad for the beer, but it wasn’t great either.

Overall, I was disappointed by this beer. I do respect that other people enjoy this beer and invite their thoughts and notes in the comments. In the end though, I have to give it a “Meh” as the best news about Shiner Cheer is that Shiner Spring (Dortmunder) is right around the corner… along with another beer review.

— Shintern1909

Roundtable Discussion: Favorite Brewery

There are over 1500 breweries in the United States alone. Some of them people love and others unfortunately not so much. What qualities are needed to make someone pick their favorite with so many options available? Is it purely based on flavors? Is it due to experiences had while enjoying the beer? Is it from knowing and befriending employees of the brewery? Not surprisingly this varies from person to person as we see here at J Street Beer. One choice was absolutely shocking…wait no Shintern did indeed pick Shiner.


Brew Review: Shiner Kosmos Reserve

On a recent adventure to North Carolina, Dr Boozenstein brought back an amazing gift: the Shiner Family Reunion six pack, which contained a bottle of the Shiner Kosmos Reserve. This beer, described as a “full-flavored, hop-jacked lager,” is named after Kosmos Spoetzel, the brewery’s founder and only available as a single-bottle in the Family Reunion packs. Rare Shiner beer? I’m all over it.

The beer appears to have less carbonation than lagers with a minimal head and a nice honey color. The beer had a touch of a bread smell, and it tasted like a medium range lager such as Brooklyn Lager (above the American macros). It did have a lighter body than Brooklyn, which makes it even better for summer drinking.

It’s good but not drink-habit changing, which brings me to my next point: I’ve had just about every beer Shiner has produced in the past seven years and have only thought that the Bock and Shiner 101 – Czech Pilsner, which I wish they’d bring back, were quality beers. These are the only two that I’ve continued to look for and buy. Alas, ShinerBocktern just doesn’t have the same ring…


Beer Madness! 42 (8)Shiner v. (1)Siren Noire

(8) Shiner Bock
(1) Heavy Seas Siren Noire

Heavy Seas snuck out of the first round by the skin of their teeth, but can their luck continue against the pride of Texas?  I believe this is where the alarms will go off for the Siren. However, a vote for Shiner is a vote for Texas… is that something you are comfortable with?

Beer Madness! 18 (8)Shiner Bock v. (9)Kona Pipeline

(8) Shiner Bock
(9) Kona Pipeline Porter

The official beer of Texas faces off against the official beer of Hawaii.  Spurs verses surfboards.  A state so American it wants to be it’s own country vs the state that, according to many, is not a part of this country.  But both places make some mean pork. Who you think wins this battle basically comes down to who you think is better at bringing criminals to justice: Magnum P.I. or Walker, Texas Ranger.  (Or whether you think Sidekicks is a better movie than 3 Men and a Baby)