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Brew Review: Short’s Nicie Spicie

Whole Foods on P Street is a great place.  Every time I go in there I’m always amazing by the bright colorful produce and tasty looking meats and cheeses.

My favorite part is the beer section (which seems to be slowly growing).

They’ve placed the beer section perfectly.  It’s like a grown-ups candy aisle.  You know how most grocery stores put little bags of M&Ms and candy bars and gum right in the aisle as you’re checking out?  It’s like a last second snack purchase.  Well, the Whole Foods on P Street has put the beer section just to the right of the express check out lane.  Which makes it virtually impossible to go to the store and not peruse their brewed wares.  You’re tricky Mr. Whole Foods.  You picked up on my weakness.  I can easily walk by an aisle of candy, but an aisle of beer… no way.

So, on my last trip to Whole Foods, I was tasked with getting burger rolls, eggs, and chicken.  I left with burger rolls, eggs, chicken, and a 6-pack of Short’s Nicie Spicie.

I have no willpower.

I picked up the Nicie Spicie because it looks like a decent summer beer, and it’s from Short’s (who make decent beer and aren’t usually readily available here).  My overall opinion on it: it’s okay, but I wouldn’t want more than 1 in a row.

The Nicie Spicie is pale yellow with a hint of cloudiness (it’s a wheat beer, so it kinda fits the mold).  The aroma is entirely expected.  The wheat takes over the majority of the smell and there’s a mild hint of citrus.  The flavor is a bit overpowering.  It’s light and crisp, like I was hoping for, but then there’s a rush of spice and citrus that takes over that kinda ruined my experience.  The lemon and orange zest comes on strong and then fades out, leaving behind a very spicy pepper flavor in the finish.

It’s not bad, but I wouldn’t have too many of them.


SAVOR Beer Week Event Review: Short’s Takeover at Churchkey

Short's BrewingUpon hitting the bar at Churchkey Thursday I was not only handed the regular tap list but also a smaller piece of paper that reminded me of a golf scorecard. Quickly I realized that it was the list of all the drafts from Short’s for the night and I became slightly overwhelmed.

After my queries of what should I order of the 30 options were met with no specific response, I decided to order the way many pick their March Madness bracket: I picked the things with cool names. Let me give a short (no pun intended) recap of some of the wacky beers I tried.

With no clue where to start I figured I would take a chance and go with Gambler. Apparently it was a smoke beer with just a faint hint of peat and bourbon flavor holding onto my tongue, certainly a good start.

I actually consulted the regular menu just to pick a style for my next beer and decided a Tripel sounded good and got a Richard in the Dirt. A solid beer for the style with a nice citrus kick but ordering a full glass may have been a mistake.

The last three beers I should bring up had to be ordered simply because they sounded so unique and dessert-like. Chocolate Wheat was exactly what it sounds like and was very enjoyable. A blast of chocolate upfront yet very smooth and low on the ABV spectrum. The other two were Key Lime and Carrot Cake. I have no idea how Short’s did it but these beers tasted exactly like their food names. A bit too sweet for some, certainly, but if you like either dessert you would be in Heaven. I swear I could taste the dollop of whipped cream on the finish of the Key Lime.

This event came up anything but short.