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Ode to the Shower Beer

I’m 30 years old.  I’m married.  I have a steady job.  I’m mature (or at least I’m supposed to be).  There is one thing that I really enjoy doing, that brings me back to my college days, and that’s the good ol’ shower beer.

What makes you feel more like a college kid than drinking a beer in the shower (well, besides lecture halls, frat parties, co-eds, and college sports… whatever)?  It’s like having a miniature party in your bathroom.  I like to blare music in the other room, leave the bathroom door open, crack open a beer and jump in the shower singing along to my favorite songs.

You know how in the movies and TV shows, you’ll occasionally see a woman sitting in a bubble bath with scented candles around her, sipping on a glass of champagne?  Well, this is the male version of that.  It’s just not as sexy.

It’s relaxing for me.  Enjoying an ice cold beer in a hot shower.  It’s like kicking back in a hot tub, without having to pay for the hot tub and not having to worry about what’s floating around in there.

So, for those of you out there who haven’t tried it, please allow me to provide a little guidance.

  • If you’re going to drink a shower beer, I recommend a bottle for 2 major reasons:
  1. It has a small opening, not letting in much water and soap.  A can tends to collect any stray water on the top and eventually pour it into your beer.  A Grolsch-style flip top would be ideal, but not every beer comes in a flip top.
  2. The glass tends to insulate the beer a little better than the aluminum can.  Keeping your beer cool is an important component.
  • Put your beer in a place that’s not likely to get direct spray.  I would recommend a shower caddy, or a small bin to put your beer in.  Others would recommend placing your beer just outside the shower curtain, I’m just against allowing any cold air into my shower.  The next step would be installing a basket that would fit at least two beers, and a bottle opener (my wife will kill me if I even bring that up).
  • Go with something light.  Remember, you’re in a shower.  Sipping your way through a 750 of an imperial stout may not be the best decision.

So, next time you have an easy morning (or afternoon), grab yourself a cold beer for your shower.  You’ll thank me.