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Brew Review: Port City Essential Pale Ale

Port City Essential Pale Ale; Poured from a growler

Yes, a couple of weeks ago, a few of us went down to Port City to check out the facilities and all their beers.  On that trip, I purchased a growler of their IPA (One that I find to be fantastic with a great balance of hops and malts. Thankfully Port City has gone for taste and finesse over joining in the hop dick measuring contest that is as annoying as Gillette and Schick trying to out blade each other’s razors). This time, I was taking a fellow Texas Longhorn grad down there along with Tonzi’s and Pyzocha’s growlers. Since they wanted the IPA and Wit, I decided to go with the other favorite from the first trip, the Essential Pale Ale. While I still think the IPA is a more meticulously made beer, the Essential Pale Ale is good in its own right, especially when compared to the overly hopped DC Brau Public Ale.*

I poured the reviewed pint two days after it was put into the growler. It pours a lovely gold-orange color with a white head. Currently, there is very little carbonation but that’s due to the age in growler. The beer has a nice floral sweet smell to it, and the sweetness comes through on the taste. You don’t get a lot of bitterness from this pale ale. The body is what one would expect (light-average) and it finishes nice and cleanly.

I’ll still first look for the Monumental IPA (seriously, I think it’s my favorite IPA out there), but I won’t be disappointed with the Essential Pale Ale.

— Shintern

* Hats off to them for opening up a brewery in DC and being at the forefront of the District’s market, but I just haven’t been really impressed by their beer. That said, be sure to try the DC Brau Public Ale, especially if you like hops, because I’ve heard people rave about it. It  just proves everyone has different tastes. I love Shiner Bock, my father’s beer was Miller Lite, and his father drank only Pearl — to each their own.