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Brew Review-Saint Arnold’s Lawnmower

St Arnolds 'Fancy' Lawnmower

I’m keeping the Texas beer reviews coming with Saint Arnold’s Kolsh-style “Fancy” Lawnmower. I first came across this beer in college but knew which places I could drink $1 Shiners, Ziegenbocks, or crappy macro-brews any night of the week. Thankfully, my tastes have diversified along with my drinkable income, and I was reintroduced to the Lawnmower during OU-UT weekend and drank it all night long when the NYE bar had it on draft.

Saint Arnold Brewery is based out of that humid hellhole, Houston, but perhaps that crappy climate has helped their brewers out as they have made an amazingly crisp, refreshing beer, which, based on my NYE, is highly sessionable.

The beer is a great golden, yellow color and has a great deal of carbonation and a white head at the beginning that give way to less carbonation (still more than most beers) and no head.

The aroma is where this beer gets its name — it definitely has a strong, crisp fresh mowed grass smell.

The grass flavor is crisp and comes through strong but not overpowering. The body is light and leaves a small lingering taste which leaves after two breaths.

I brought the bottle I’m drinking back with me from Texas; next time I’m back there, you can bet that my bag will have yet another six-pack of Lawnmower.