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See? They Do Have Beer In The Sticks!

All this week I’m out in Rockville, Maryland for training.  It’s at a location that’s pretty hidden away, about a mile from Shady Grove metro station.

For those of you that don’t know the metro system, Shady Grove is the farthest you can get out of the city on the red line in the northwest direction.  It’s so infrequently traveled to, that the metro actually alternates trains traveling out that far.  So, every train going northwest goes at least to Grosvenor.  If you want to go to the last 4 stops on the line, only half the trains go out there.  I like to call them the red-headed step-children of the metro system.

Since I’m all the way out here in no-man’s-land, and we often get nice long breaks for lunch, I decided to wander a bit.