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Beer Madness! Final Four-2 (10)Dirty Bastard v. (1)Troegenator

(10) Founders Dirty Bastard
(1) Troegs Troegenator

Two very strong competitors meet on the southern half of the bracket.  Troegenator, the favorite, has been leaving weaker beers in its wake as it’s been cruising through the tournament.  Dirty Bastard, on the other hand, has had to take down some incredibly tough competition.  Has that competition worn out the Dirty Bastard?  Or was it just strengthening it for the title run?

Beer Madness! Final Four!

We’re down to our Final Four!

It’s a Battle of the Bells on one side and a couple angry looking labels on the other.

Three of our finalists are from Michigan… is this a commentary on how good Michigan beers are?  Perhaps.  But I’ll do my best to keep that from happening.

Prepare your voting finger for tomorrow at noon when the polls open!

Beer Madness! 60 (1)Troegenator v. (6)Dortmunder

(1) Troegs Troegenator
(6) Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold

The Dortmunder Gold has managed to sneak past a few beers that could have easily taken it out.  I don’t see their luck carrying them past the force of nature that is the Troegenator.  Blow out!

Beer Madness! 52 (1)Troegs Troegenator v. (5)Brooklyn Brown

(1) Troegs Troegenator
(5) Brooklyn Brown

Here we have a Pennsylvania and New York matchup a local rivalry that can be tough to match.  These states just do not like each other (or so I’m told).  This matchup pits a solid double bock against an equally solid American brown ale.  As much as I enjoy the Brooklyn I just cannot root for something from New York, so go Troegs!

Beer Madness! 34 (9)Big A IPA v. (1)Troegenator

(9) Smuttynose Big A IPA
(1) Troegs Troegenator

You hear that sound?  It sounds like a freight train doesn’t it?  It’s the Troegenator Train, baby, and it’s barreling down the tracks!  You better get out of the way Big A.

Beer Madness! 6 (1)Troegenator v. (16)Natty Boh

(1) Troegs Troegenator
(16) National Bohemian

Troegs and Natty Boh are regional rivals but not in the same league.  Their campuses are separated by only 80 miles, but the Troegenator powerhouse double bock is streets ahead of the small time Natty Boh. The Troegenator, lead by Trogdor, are a destructive force that you can expect to stomp all over the Bohs weak front line.  In the end, the Bohs swords and arrows are too weak to stand up for long against the fierce Troegenator.  Look for Trogdor to lead the Troegenator to burninate the Bohs.

J Street Beer Momentous Occasion

Tonight is a special night! 

Our very own Pyzocha is celebrating a birthday! (I won’t tell you his age… we’re embarrassed)

To celebrate this occasion, we’ll be having A BIG BOTTLE BEER BLOG BLOWOUT!!!  Tonight, at about 8pm, we’ll be ripping through a laundry list of big bottles, tasting, drinking, pounding, and hopefully coherently live-blogging the whole thing!

Join us here for this momentous occasion tonight at 8!