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Brew Review: Vapeur de Bises

Looking more like a wine bottle than anything I’d ever had beer from, I was intrigued when my girlfriend’s father offered Vapeur de Bises. It was clearly different, which very often means good, but at least means interesting.

After pouring, smelling, and tasting this beer, I can’t even describe it as “interesting,” it was just awful.

Without any smell or taste, one would be tempted to think that Vapeur de Bises is something resembling a brown ale. Soon, though, the scent of cider is overwhelming. That’s when it became clear that this may be headed in the wrong direction.

Cider is indeed what came across in the first sip, but I would have much preferred a Woodchuck to the rotten apple dynamic here. Moving from that initial shock, Vapeur de Bises then starts to give off a flavor that I think is best described as “dusty basement.” Even as those strong tastes settle while you get used to them, the general sense of sourness couples with the lack of carbonation to form a thoroughly unenjoyable beer.

Almost definitely one of the worst beers I’ve ever tasted.