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Drinking — OUTDOORS

While the weather has been decidedly wet recently, it won’t stay that way before long.  Pretty soon a full blown DC summer will blow into town.  Warmer weather opens up one of summer’s classic past-times: drinking outside.

I’ve always maintained that drinking makes virtually any other activity (e.g., cooking, reading, watching sports, heckling samdinning) better.  Its always more better to relax and crack open a beer, even the most mundane tasks can be improved with a nice beer. Add an outdoor element, and things just got even better: instead of cooking you’re BBQing, watching sports is a lot more fun sitting in left field on a sunny afternoon, and heckling samdinning is a lot more fun when his humiliation is public.

Summer drinking outdoors is also remarkably much more acceptable. Tell a colleague you sent the weekend holed up downing imperial stouts and reading Colonialist history sounds pathetic, and when done before 12 is in fact pathetic.  Saying you sat outside read the paper and had a few beers sounds downright respectable.  Basically, a no brainer.

National's Park is actually one of the best outdoor drinking places in the city

The problem (okay, one problem) with DC is there just aren’t a ton of great outdoor bars.  Most spaces that have significant outdoor seating areas either have limited beer selections, or are filled with a bit more doucheyness (e.g., CBR, Wonderland) than I’m capable of handling. Panning no small number of DC denizens, I have still failed to find a good, consistent bar to sit outdoors, relax, and drink some craft brews.  They have to be out there, but where???

Know a great bar in DC for outdoor drinking? Let us know!