3xB: Sierra Nevada Estate Homegrown Ale

This Weeks Big Bottle: Sierra Nevada Estate Homegrown Ale

This week I (well Tonzi and I) tried the 6.7% ABV Sierra Nevada Estate Homegrown Ale.

The bottle caught my eye with the unique label and something I’ve never seen on a regular beer: a bottle dipped in wax (think Makers Mark). The wax was green which is a symbol for the how this beer is brewed, green… well organic.  This is because the Homegrown ale is exactly what its name implies, made with ingredients (the barley and hops) grown at the Sierra Nevada brewery in Chico, CA.

I can’t say that I’ve ever had an organic beer before and I know Sierra loves intense hops so I was unsure what to expect.  The beer was a nice copper color with a white creamy head.  The aroma was a little lacking with a slight floral aroma and a tiny bit of spice to it.  The bottle told me to expect, “barley with mild sweetness and smooth toasted flavors.”  This was right on, very smooth and I sensed a little bit of hop flavor (very mild for Sierra) which added to the great complexity.  It had a great creamy mouthfeel clung to your mouth very slightly.  The finish was a perfect fade of the fresh hop and barley flavors with no hint of alcohol or off flavors.

If you can find this beer I would definitely try it (apparently it’s a yearly release that is slightly modified each year).



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