Beer Madness! 19 (2)Big Daddy v. (15)Sawtooth

(2) Speakeasy Big Daddy IPA
(15) Left Hand Sawtooth Ale

Speakeasy- Speakeasy’s are cool, especially if you are a 1920’s Gangster.  They serve bathtub Gin and have secret code words and flappers dancing the Charleston while discussing the latest talkies.

Lefthand- I guess it will be guaranteed employment if you ever teach it to throw a baseball.

Speakeasy- Illegal and 1920s era prisons were pretty awful.  I went to Alcatraz once when I visited San Franscisco.  That place is creepy.  I like drinking, but not enough to spend time on a prison island.

Lefthand-  If I cut off my left hand I doubt I would even miss it.  I would rather have a chainsaw or a bullwhip.  LEFTHAND WHY ARE YOU SO USELESS!  Shape up!

Verdict:  Speakeasies are a little risky, but my lefthand is totally worthless.  Easy call.  Speakeasy wins in a blowout.

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