Ballpark Brews: Fairgrounds

As you may or may not have been aware of Fairgrounds has replaced the Bullpen and Das Bullpen as the pre-game spot to grab beer around Nationals Park.  Fairgrounds has taken over the whole area along half street which makes this place humungous!  With this added space the typical beer stands, stage for a band, and corn hole remain as in years past.  This year there are also little shops inside the shipping containers surrounding the Fairgrounds selling various clothing and knickknacks.  The food trucks made their way to the additional space as well for the opening day game, I hope this will be a recurring event because additional food is always welcome.  Now onto the beer.

There are the typical macro beers Bud, Bud Light, with or without lime, and others that I ignored.  Landshark in a can, and a pseudo micro brew that is Shocktop.  There was one diamond in the rough though: Maui Longboard Island Lager.  While a light lager, like the Maui, might not seem like a step up from the Buds it is so much better. All the beer found at the Fairgrounds is light and easy drinking, but the Maui actually has flavor.

In my short time at the Fairgrounds opening day, the Maui was the best brew I could find.  I saw others walking around with some “imports” like Stella and Boddingtons, but I wasn’t about to go on a mission to find those.  While the prices on all these beers are a bit expensive, they are still cheaper than in the Park.

Overall the Fairgrounds are what you would expect them to be: a great spot to meet a group of friends before a game when the weather is nice.  Having one good beer is just an added bonus.


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