Brew Review: Magic Hat Wacko

Oh, Magic Hat.  How could you?

I’m starting to feel bad for Magic Hat.  Seriously.  Who out there, around my age, can’t say that the Number 9 was one of the first beer to get you into the craft beer scene.  The Number 9 is the perfect introductory beer.  It’s light, oh so slightly bitter, and it has fruit in it to further lessen the shock of trying something out of the ordinary.  It was one of my first craft beers, so I’ll always have a little place in my heart for Magic Hat.

That being said, what the hell if going on at Magic Hat?  Are they running low on ideas?  Are they getting bored?  Has the whole being bought out by North American Breweries shocked the system?

I bought the Wacko because I still want Magic Hat to be good.  I want it so badly that I’m buying stuff from them with reckless abandon and instantly wishing I had gone with the other beer that was sitting next to it on the shelf.  The Wacko falls into that category.

It’s summer now, so I’m willing to try anything listed as a “summer” beer.  The Wacko is light, I’ll give them that, but outside of that, it’s pretty bad.  From what I understand, they used beet sugar to sweeten it up, which gives it a weird red color and an odd fruity sweetness.  The aroma is dull, the flavor is a bit shaky (fruity sweet, yet bland).  If you want something summery and it has to be from Magic Hat, go with a Circus Boy.


3 responses

  1. drboozenstein

    Beet sugar? How did Magic Hat manage to smuggle beer out of 1971 Minsk? Gross.

    May 25, 2011 at 3:48 pm

  2. The Wookie

    There is a fine line between weird and bad. To me this is more a a weird beer than a bad beer (though I wouldn’t buy it again). Magic Hat has been making it for a while so I don’t think this is a NAB induced weirdness.

    May 25, 2011 at 5:45 pm

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