Brew Review-Tempete Corps Mort

Sitting at a bar at 3pm on a Friday, I started looking down the bottle list for and saw one bottle that looked interesting and new.  Tempete’ Corps Mort.  Part of the interest was that I’d never even heard of Tempete.  I asked Tonzi and he hadn’t either.  So the solution, of course, was to try the beer.

I asked the bartender for the beer – was told it was a good decision – and upon getting the beer, quickly realized why I’d never heard of them.  They’re a g*d damn French Canadian brewery.  The label is written in both French and English, and includes a warning that the beer may contain traces of smoked hearing.  I rather wish I hadn’t know that.  The label  of course, doesn’t actually include a translation for the name of the beer.  I had to look that one up: It means “Dead Body.”  Definitely glad I didn’t know that while I was drinking it.

I’m pretty sure it’s a Barley Wine style beer.  At least that’s what it was billed as on the bar’s English menu.  It poured a very dark, near black colour, just a touch cloudy, and no real head.  No real aromas on the nose, just a very, very faint hint of smokiness.  It certainly has a lot of smoky malt taste, but almost tastes a bit well, watery.  It comes off very thin, with no real alcohol taste, for a 9%+ beer.  I guess you could look at that as good or bad.  I didn’t mind drinking the beer, but probably wouldn’t shell out the $18 again any time soon.


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