Brew Review: Epic Brainless on Peaches

I’ve had the Epic Brainless before.  It’s fine, nothing overly spectacular.  A good light Belgian.

I saw the Brainless on Peaches at Whole Foods on P St (where else?), and felt like it deserved my attention.  I guess I have a sweet spot for fruity beers.  Maybe it’s from all the Mike’s Hard Lemonade I drank in college (I know, just thinking about it makes me want to vomit… please don’t think less of me).

The Brainless on Peaches looks almost identical to the regular Brainless, but that’s definitely where it ends.  The color is a nice pale gold, which you would expect from a Belgian ale.  I expected a peach aroma, but it was really just oak and cloves.  It was like an oak aged Belgian, no peaches in the aroma (that my primitive nose could find).  The taste is where the peaches were.  The beer starts off with a gentle wheat flavor, but quickly dives into the peaches.  It’s very sweet in the middle.  The mouthfeel is kinda soft, actually, which I’m going to attribute to the oak aging.  The finish is sweet, but not overwhelming.

All in all, it’s almost exactly what I expected.  Sweet, but not too sweet.  If you see it around, feel free to grab it.  You don’t need to jump out of your chair and race out now, though.


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